Are You a Candidate?

Approximately 40-45 million Americans are missing some of their adult teeth. Millions of others have had the benefit of bridges which replace teeth with a series of caps or crowns. Today, we have the opportunity to have a "third set of teeth" - dental implants


Use the following checklist to determine if implants are for you:

How Your Mouth Feels:

  • Do complete or partial dentures cause discomfort when you eat?
  • Do you wear a denture that slips or fits badly?
  • Are the teeth that hold your bridge loosening?

How You Feel About Your Teeth:

  • Are you embarrassed about missing teeth or dentures when you smile or laugh?
  • If you have a complete or partial denture, do you carry them in your pocket or leave them at home?  

Almost anyone today who is missing teeth is a candidate for dental implants, regardless of:

    • age
    • physical condition 
    • other factors

If you are missing a single tooth or many teeth, dental implants may be the option for you:

    • Dental implants look, feel, and work like natural teeth because they are made of a special metal that is compatible with the jawbone.
    • The metal helps the bone fuse with the implant which is a small post that protrudes from the gum tissue.
    • Prosthetic (artificial) teeth are then attached to these posts for a natural and attractive-looking result.  

Because dental implants help distribute chewing forces throughout the jawbone, they can:

    • Restore up to 90% of the chewing power lost with missing teeth.
    • They can also minimize the erosion of the jawbone that normally occurs when teeth are lost or removed.
    • Furthermore, implants improve the cosmetics, retention and preservation of the jawbones, even if you are wearing a full or partial denture at the time.

Many patients who have received dental implants comment that there is significant improvement in the quality of their lives and they feel more confident and comfortable chewing. Implants help solve many problems associated with missing teeth, dentures, and removable bridges.

Our doctor has advanced implant training. If you have any questions about implants, please don't hesitate to ask our doctors or staff members.



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