Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide the finest quality, most comprehensive dental implant and oral and maxilofacial surgical treatment as well as customer service in a pleasant and caring environment.  We provide our patients with the same personal care we would want to receive ourselves.

Dear Dr. Pruden & Staff,

I would just like to thank Dr. Pruden and his entire staff for making my first experience getting a wisdom tooth pulled a pleasant as possible from start to finish.

The moment I called Dr. Pruden’s office I was talked to in a very friendly manner, I wanted to come in as soon as possible and get it over with, and to my surprise, you fit me in that day within 1 hour, which I think is unbelievable service.

I was extremely anxious, nervous, and very upset that I needed to have a tooth pulled, but everyone in the office made me feel comfortable and believe it or not calm. I was not just left alone in a waiting room, I was asked many times how I was doing, I was treated so kind.

When Dr. Pruden came in to see me he explained everything and answered all the questions I had, without rushing me, he told me everything would be fine, and it was, he took very good care of me. I also received a follow up phone call later that evening from Dr. Pruden, asking how I was doing, which was just amazing. I will be returning to Dr. Pruden if I need anything else done.

I will let my dentist know that he should recommend all his patients to Dr. Pruden and let him know what a wonderful experience I had. I will also recommend all my friends and family and co-workers to Dr. Pruden and let them know how wonderful he is and also how great his staff is!

Thank you again for your kindness.

Christina S.

Dear Dr. Pruden and Staff,

Thank you very much for a “pleasant experience” during my wisdom teeth extraction. Although not a fun time your staff and yourself made me feel at ease your aftercare has been great too!

Heather M.

Dear Dr. Pruden,

Thank you so much for extracting 2 of my wisdom teeth so wonderfully! After the extraction, I suffered virtually no pain or discomfort and my mouth healed very quickly.

Helen C.

Dear Dr. Pruden,

Thank you very much for making my implant surgery and bone graft such a pleasant and painless experience. You and your office staff helped ease my nerves and answered all my many questions.

It is the day after my surgery and I have no swelling, no bruising and can use my mouth as normal. It takes a superior surgeon to make such an invasive procedure seem like almost nothing was done at all.

Thank you also for the flowers which helped to brighten my spirits. It’s a nice touch!

Carolyn H.

Dear Dr. Pruden,
"Kindness is no common virtue. It is a rare gift." David Samuels
Words seem inadequate to express my gratitude for the wonderful care you have given me over the last month. Your kindness and concern was greatly appreciated to help me through what I assume should have been a simple extraction. My body unfortunately has a mind of its own. If something can go wrong, it ususally does! The continuous care and hand holding til this situation is resolved will never be forgotten.

Warmest regards,

Dear Dr. Pruden
We want to thank you for your office seeing Katie so promply. To arrive and find out that you were doing the surgery personally touched us. Your excellent care made the procedure stress free and painless. Katie's recovery has been remarkable.

Joe and Katie

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Pruden, Megan, and the office family,

Your loving kindness is such a blessing! Our family would be lost without all of you.

With Love,
A. Family

Dear Peter and Crew,
On May 9th, 2011 you removed my wisdom tooth #32 and as always a very successful extraction. That is why I travel 150 miles round trip to see you and utilize your expertise!
How appropriate that I was placed in the room where your Mom painted the Caladium, which I always have in pots on my deck. How I'll think of her, also your grandmother when I make the cookies that everyone swears is candy.
Your staff is also to be honored for the compassion and caring nature that they extend to all.
Thank you all!

Norma C.

Dear Dr. Pruden,
Thank you for your care. In every way, your kindness was evident and relived all my fears.

Dolores M.

I went in a week ago to get 4 wisdom teeth removed. I was VERY nervous. Dr. Pruden made it a quick and painless procedure. I was expecting the recovery to be long and dreadful. I had little to no swelling and was up and around the next day. I've never written a review before, but I'm honestly shocked how easy the procedure and recovery was. Definitely huge thanks to Dr. Pruden. Would absolutely recommend. May 2019

Melissa Mahler

Doctor Pruden and his staff are on point. Quick and painless 24 hours later no swelling no pain.

John Morehouse December

I was referred to Dr. Pruden's office by a friend of mine who had recently had his wisdom teeth removed. I wa anxious about the procedure, as well as the cost, but I found I was worrying for nothing! Without dental insurance, I was able to secure a Discount dental plan that Dr. Pruden accepts, and then opened a Care Credit account in order to pay it off interest free. Can;t get better than that! The office answered all questions I had regarding the discount plan and how it works with their office. Dr. Pruden was away so I saw his acciate, dr. Maimone and flet more than comfortable. The whole experience was seamless. I highly recommend giving them a try if your're in need of an oral surgeon April 2018


I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Maimone, Dr. Pruden's associate, and his assistant Muriam. I had a tooth extraction, for which I was pretty nervous, but they did everything they could to put me at ease. The procedure went quickly and I was sufficiently numbed and made comfortable with nitrous oxide. It was about as pleasant as getting a tooth pulled could be! I/m grateful to both of them for their expert care. March 2018

Debrah O.

INCREDIBLE! I can't express how grateful I am for Dr. Pruden & his staff. After a lifetime of traumatic dental/oral surgery experiences, with the slightest of ease, Dr. Pruden got me through that first (& typically most horrible) Novocain injection! Sure I "felt" the push and pull of the extraction, but that is to be expected and I'll take it any day over what the past 45 years were like! Thank you so much for your patience, kindness, personality and expertise.

Corey O